Yaxham Parish Council

Next meeting of the Parish Council/Parish Charity

19th October 2017

7.30pm Parish Council Meeting (6pm [tbc] Clerk/RFO Interviews)


16th November 2017

7pm Parish Charity Meeting 

7.30pm Parish Council Meeting


Venue: Yaxham Village Hall Meeting Room

All Welcome!


Breckland Emerging Local Plan Pre-Submission Consultation October 2017

See Parish Council Response at the bottom of this page or in "Planning Issues"


New Clerk & Finance Officer Vacancy

Yaxham Parish Council is recruiting a new Clerk. 

If you might be interested have a look at the advert & application form at the foot of this page.

Yaxham Parish Council is also seeking to appoint a new Internal Auditor for 2017/18

If you may be interested then please contact Ian Martin - ianrmartin@btinternet.com, or call 854248


Notice of Election of Parish Councillor 10th August 2017.

Ian Martin of Yaxham House, Norwich Road Yaxham NR19 1RH was duly elected.


NP4Yaxham - Referendum - 4th May 2017 - Yaxham Voted "Yes"

22nd June 2017 Breckland Council "made"
NP4Yaxham part of the Local Plan, the First in Breckland & 300th in the country!



Please Note:


Acting Clerk: Peter Lowings, yaxhamparishclerk@gmail.com

Acting Finance Officer: Ian Martin, ianrmartin@btinternet.com



What does the Parish Council do......

The following are some of the areas of work of the Parish Council:

  • Commenting to Breckland Council on planning applications 
  • Liaison with Highways on road maintenance problems
  • Installation of SAM2 vehicle speed sign (in partnership with Highways)
  • Installation of a public access defibrillator at Yaxham village hall (donated by East of England Co-Op)
  • Grounds maintenance contracts for Jubilee Park playing field, Pinns Lane and Pinns' Corner
  • Provision of dog waste bins, planters and noticeboards
  • Liaison with Norfolk County Council and Konectbus to get a new bus stop at Clint Green
  • Footpath issues and maintenance
  • (This)village website
  • The Trustee of Yaxham Parish Charity
  • And - NP4Yaxham Neighbourhood Plan through its Sub-committee - NP4Yaxham Working Group
    for more information see www.np4yaxham.com or email np4yaxham@gmail.com or contact the Clerk.

If there is something that you would like to see the Parish Council do, please contact the Clerk. 

Who runs the Parish Council?

Parish Councils are the first tier of local governement. All Yaxham councillors are independent of any political party. The seven councillors are elected for four years. By-elections or co-options may be held/made to fill vacancies occurring between elections. The next election of all Parish Council seats will be held in May 2019.  A Chairman is elected by the councillors each year and controls the business of the Parish Council meetings. All decisions are taken by the councillors at Parish Council meetings which are open to the public. The Parish Clerk is employed by the Parish Council and she prepares agenda, takes minutes, advises the councillors on their legal responsibilities, carries out the decisons of the Council and administers the Council's finances.


Yaxham Parish Council sets an annual Parish Precept which is collected by Breckland Council as part of the Council Tax payment. See financial regulations, notices, statements and returns at the foot of this page.

Your views

Feedback from residents is vitally important if your Parish Council is to reflect your views. Please come along to a Parish Council meeting, speak to a councillor or contact the Clerk.


Neighbourhood Plan for Yaxham (NP4Yaxham) 
The First Neighbourhood Plan in Breckland has been "made" part of the Local Plan


Breckland Full Council Meeting 22nd June 2017:  Yaxham was represented by

Cllr Peter Lowings, Chairman of the Prish Council &
Mrs Maggie Oechsle, Chairman of the NP4Yaxham Working Group

The Culmination of the last 20 month's work!

Find out more at www.np4yaxham.com or email np4yaxham@gmail.com



Members of the public are very welcome to attend any meetings of Yaxham Parish Council and Yaxham Parish Charity, of which the Parish Council is the Trustee. See links below for details.

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Details of the Parish Council's Financial Regulations and income and expenditure for each year ending 31 March together with a summary of receipts and payments are shown below: