Parish Council Members

The Parish Council consists of seven members, who are elected for a period of four years, the last elections being in May 2023. If you are interested in becoming a councillor, having an issue placed on the Council's agenda for the next meeting, or would simply like to know more about who is representing Yaxham's interests, you can find the councillors' contact details below.

Contact Information:

Maggie Oechsle (Chairman)
Neighbourhood Plan Group and Staffing Committee.

Council appointee to Townlands Charity
Yaxham Woodland Working Group
Frogs Hall Farm, Cutthroat Lane, Yaxham NR19 1RG
01362 693646

Ben Conway (Vice-Chair)
Responsible for Grass and Hedge cutting

PC Rep to Yaxham Primary School and Council appointee to Townlands Charity                                                                         Cutthroat Lane, Clint Green, Yaxham NR19 1RZ
07787 554325


Bob Gust
Responsible for SAM2, Grass and Hedge cutting and Playground Inspections

PC Rep to YVAA
The Cottage, Cutthroat Lane, Clint Green, Yaxham NR19 1RZ
01362 691659

Graham Howe

Neighbourhood Plan Group

Chris Couves
On Staffing Committee
Responsible for: Playground Inspections
PC rep to YVAA
12 Priors Grove, Yaxham NR19 1SL
01362 422515
Paul Bone 

Neighbourhood Plan Group and Internal Audit Control Officer

Gary Davison                                                                                                                             

On Staffing Committee

Responsible for: Defibrillator and Planters