The Big Lunch comes to Yaxham, on Sunday 12th June 2016 - see the Yillage Hall Website

Almost one hundred years after the beginning of the first world war, local historian Daryll Banyard has compiled a brief history of the ten men from Yaxham who died in that conflict. Using various sources, Daryll has pieced together pieces of the lives of these men, and the circumstances in which they were killed in action in battles across the western world world - from the infamous killing fields in France and Belgium to the mysterious dissapearance of members of the Norfolk regiment in Turkey to a 1,000 mile march across modern day Iraq.

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There have been a number of school closures as a result of the winter conditions. An up-to-date list of closed schools is available on the Norfolk County Council website.


There have been a number of estate roads and rural roads where it has not been possible to collect for access and safety reasons. 

Due to the poor weather conditions predicted for the weekend we have had to take the decision not to make any further attempts to collect bins on Saturday.

Please return unemptied bins to your property until your next scheduled recycling and garden waste collection day due the week beginning 28 January. If you have additional recycling please leave this in a cardboard box next to your wheeled bin.


The long awaited winter weather has arrived at Yaxham and the rest of Norfolk, with up to 7 inches falling in some areas. Travel around Norwich was severely disrupted on Tuesday with short distances taking hours to cover in some cases. More snow is predicted later on Friday and Saturday, and the temperatures remain firmly below zero, measuring up to -6ºC in the village on Wednesday morning. Take a look at the Yaxham weather station for a detailed local forecast over the next few days.

Charles Roberts, a well-known Norfolk journalist, personality and long time Yaxham resident has died at the age of 71 following a long illness at his home in France. Charles was a passionate supporter and contributor of the arts and theatre, as well as an accomplished historian of Norfolk churches. His weekly column in the EDP was enjoyed by many thoughout the county, as it eloquently and amusingly covered a variety of topics including his daily life among his animals and his beloved horse Chorus Line.

Read Charles' Full Obituary on the EDP
I, Mark Stokes being the RETURNING OFFICER at the election of a Councillor for the PARISH OF YAXHAM
of the BRECKLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL held on the 5 MAY 2011 do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each candidate at the election is as follows :-

BENNETT, Peter Robert - 202
CRUMMETT, George William - 169
DIMOGLOU, Pablo Martin Marino - 176
FAIRCLOTH, lan Charles - 126
HULL, John - 176
LOWINGS, Peter Philip - 141
MYHILL, David John - 236
PLUMMER, Paul Jonathan - 90

I do hereby declare that the said BENNETT, Peter Robert; CRUMMETT, George William; DIMOGLOU, Pablo Martin Marino;
FAIRCLOTH, lan Charles; HULL, John; LOWINGS, Peter Philip; MYHILL, David John is/are duly elected for the PARISH OF YAXHAM of the BRECKLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL