Yaxham Will, 9th August 1803

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Testor: Charles Machin of Yaxham in the county of Norfolk Farmer.

Executor: The sole executor dying in the lifetime of the testator abration with the will amend was granted to Charles Machin of Yaxham in Norfolk one of the residuary legatees. Yaxham near East Dereham Norfolk

Testor disposes of his property as follows
First I give to Martha Starke my housekeeper my best bed and bedstead now standing in the Parlor Chamber with the furniture to the same belonging a chest of drawers and half a dozen chairs such as she shall think prefer to make choice of and all my silver spoons to be taken by her immediately after my decease and all my money farming stock and residue and remainder of my goods chattels effects and personal estate whatsoever after and subject to the payment of my funeral expenses just debts and probate of this my last will I give and bequeath unto Henry Machin of Yaxham aforesaid Victualler his exectors admins upon trust that he the said Henry Machin his exectors or admins do and shall as soon as conveniently may be after my decease sell and convert into money all my farming stock goods and chattels not hereintofore by me disposed of land all such part of my personal estate as shall not consist of money and the money aquired from such sale or sales and the residue of my personal estate subject to all reasonable charges and expenses attending such sale.

I will order and direct shall (all?) be paid to and equally divided between my son Charles Machin my illegitimate children Elizabeth Newell whom I had by Frances Newell now the wife of William Edwards. Robert Mary and Sarah Starke whom I had by the said Martha Starke share and share alike within one month next after such sale or sales and in case any of them my said illegitimate children shall be under the age of twenty one yearswhen their respective parts or shares shall become due and payable as afresaid then my will is that the part share of him her or theirs so under age shall be put placed and anaged at interest by the said Henry Machin his executors or administators until they shall respectively attain that age and the interest paid and applied in the meantime for his her and their respective maintenance and benefit and when and so soon as they shall attain that age I give and direct his her and their respective parts or shares to be paid to him her or them but in case any of them my said illegitimate children shall die before their part or share of the said residium shall become due and payable I give the part or share parts or shares of him her or them so dying unto and to be equally divided among the surviors of them my said son Charles Machin if he shall be then living


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