Yaxham Parish Council to Appoint Designated Survivor

August 25, 2017 9:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Yaxham Parish Council has appointed a designated survivor to sit out meetings, ready to govern in case an unforeseen event wipes out the rest of the committee.

Based on the US Government’s Cold-War era contingency plan against catastrophic loss of its leadership, Yaxham’s parish survivor will be selected before the meeting, and will pass council meetings safely at of the Romany Rye in Dereham.

“The winds been blowing pretty hard this week,” agreed local resident Harriet Longfield. “The village hall is a sitting duck with all those big trees about so it’s good to see them planning for the worst.”

Parish protocol expects at least five minutes attempting to join the meeting by video link before ordering food and beers.

In the US, the designated survivor traditionally travels with presidential-level security and the nuclear football. Although Yaxham doesn’t currently operate a nuclear deterrent, the parish survivor will carry the parish football instead.

“We may lose the council and the hall,” said one council member, “But a good game of footie the following Saturday afternoon should cheer us all up.”

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