Neighbourhood Plan Steps Up A Gear

May 1, 2017 3:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Campaign steps up a gear!

On Thursday 4th May 2017 the first Neighbourhood Plan Referendum in in Breckland District will take place.

Yaxham residents may have been asking why NP4Yaxham Working Group banners, posters etc have only advertised the date of the referendum and asked people to turn-out and vote, rather saying “Vote Yes your village needs you”. It is because as a sub-committee of the Parish Council the Working Group is banned under the regulations from such campaigning.

BUT NOW in these last few days before the referendum a number of volunteers have set up a separate “Vote Yes” campaign group (funded from individual donations and not using any of the resources of the Parish Council or the Working Group). There will now be a positive “Vote Yes to Yaxham Neighbourhood Plan” campaign calling on people not just to vote but positively “Vote Yes”.

Ian Martin, Campaign Organiser, said, “Those with postal votes have already voted, with many assuring us that they have voted “Yes”. Now it is everyone else’s opportunity to “Vote Yes to Yaxham Neighbourhood Plan” so as to help Yaxham to:

  • Retain it its independence by having the Strategic Gaps
  • Maintain its small village rural character by discouraging development outside the settlement boundaries and keeping any development within the boundaries small-scale and organic
  • Protect our valuable Local Green Spaces such as the recreation field & Pinns Corner
    To seek to direct any developer contributions to within the Parish, rather losing this to Dereham by protecting our much loved open countryside.”

This is the next step on from “Your Yaxham” Community Led Plan in 2013. After 20 months the village now has the final say.

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