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  • Jackie Cook says:

    may I suggest when you are hosting a meeting regarding any issues, that you do not only communicate via your web site. Not everyone has access or the time to check it daily. A leaflet posted in all residents post box would be more productive in encouraging people to attend. Otherwise you are limiting whose voices are heard. Thank you

  • John.e.bellamy says:

    I noticed a speed camera by the Yaxham Water site recently, March 2015.I would bet that a camera set up by the Yaxham mill would stagger people with the speeds recorded coming from clint green.I also note that a request to the local authorities to reduce the speed limit on Norwich road was refused.And that tourists have left negative comments on sites such as and late rooms regarding the speed and safety whilst saying at bakers shop cottage.yaxham mill.John.e.bellamyOwner, http://www.Yaxham

  • Anonymous says:

    Ian Cross you are not funny,what an irresponsible comment ( Hump/Jump…LOL ?!) ……..Perhaps you could explain how reduced traffic speed past the school could possibly be a negative ?

    • Ian Cross says:

      Re the response to my message about speed JUMPS obviously the anonymous person has no sense of humour. Please sign your messages. Hardly irresponsible to point out that a person has used the wrong word to describe a traffic calming scheme and make a quip about it. You may not agree with my thoughts regarding reducing the speed limit again it is not irresponsible to make my thoughts known. I know I am not alone in the village in thinking this is unnecessary and the claims of 20’s Plenty over exaggerated and misleading

  • Liz Stallion says:

    These portable vehicle activated speed signs are good, albeit expensive. The Yaxham Community Speedwatch Team has the use of mobile Speed Awareness Messaging equipment for 2 weeks in every 12 – free of charge! The next time it will be in the village is from 28th April to 12th May. You do not need to be a member of the Speedwatch Team to use it but we can erect it only at designated sites.If you are interested in helping run a session (no longer that 1 hour), please contact The more volunteers we have, the more the equipment can be used.

  • Peter Smith says:

    As a result of the Community Plan, George Freeman MP has requested to meet with us to discuss various issues (this takes place at the end of the month)Amongst some other things, we will be raising the matter of speeding and how we can get some action.It will be great if tonight, the Parish Council follow the wishes of villagers and agree to the joint purchase of portable vehicle activated speed sign

  • Anonymous says:

    Speed watch is great and even better near the school. There’s a freelander who drives up well hill like a maniac. Maybe speed watch well hill out of curiosity. I’ve never had a problem at school time. Parents seem generally very careful.

  • Liz Stallion says:

    I am the co-ordinator for Yaxham Community Speedwatch.We belong to the team because we are also concerned about the traffic speed throughout the village and we want to do something about it.If anyone feels really strongly about reducing the speed of traffic, then come and join us. The message of 15th August refers to cars braking as they see the team on the roadside – GREAT, we are achieving our objective, at least we make drivers think of their speed. Since we started the team in 2008 we have reported several hundred motorists and action has been taken against them.Stop complaining and do something!

  • Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with the concerns over speeding through Yaxham and Clint Green,it is becoming quite a problem.Why on earth is it the nation speed limit between both??? Surely it should be 40mph. Cars come hurtling along there and quite often its parents on the school run who are guilty of this.Don’t particularly want to see speed bumps but something does need to be done.

  • Jackie Cook says:

    During the summer term I noted the following – use of mobile phone, speeding up Well Hill to then reverse blind back into Well Hill, using driveways to turn round, and even a whilte car speed down from top of Well Hill only to reverse all the way back up to the farm track. So with the term soon here I guess we need to prepare for the peace to go during school runs. Sadly it is the same vehicles who are the culprits. I have suggested a meeting where parents, governors, County Council member, Police member and residents of Well Hill be present. This in the hope ALL parties hear from each.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am disgusted at the speed people drive through the village ,moved to a village but feel like im living on the motorway ,something needs to be done .the people that do the speed checks are wasting their time i watch people slam their brakes on as they realise they are there only to accelerate again as they pass them.There needs to be speed bumps as in matishall.I actually wonder if i imagine the 30 sign at the beginning of the village as no one seems to take a blind bit of notice of it. I get worried pulling out my drive way as i know that although its clear as i pull out a car will hurtle down pass without a glance,it is disgusting there seems to be no respect for the roadsigns or the people of the village i wonder if some of these drivers would drive pass their own homes as if on the M1 because they do pass mine.Something needs to be done

  • Jacqueline Sievewright says:

    Why can’t we have jumps and a 20 mile sign like Mattishall. I’m sure it would go a long way in slowing down the traffic, women seem to be the worst especially after dropping off their kids from school.

    • Ian Cross says:

      Can I volunteer to try out speed jumps if we get them! On a serious note we don’t need speed humps they generate too much noise from the farm vehicles going over them.I think the reference to vehicle speeds going through the village is greatly exaggerated. Yes there are some vehicles passing through above the speed limit but comparing it to a race track I don’t think so. There is a footpath for children a parents to walk on and using common sense parents and children can cross the road safely if you look. Remember The Green Cross Code !

  • Jackie Cook says:

    As a resident in Well Hill please could I remind parents/ guardians to be mindful of speed limit, careful as they pull out from parked position and to be careful of turning round at the top. All too often done without due are and attention. Thank you.

  • Sandra Nightingale says:

    All staff at the school are very concerned about the safety of our children at the beginning and end of the schoolday. We wholeheartedly support the Friends’ Committee in their campaign. Please could everyone visiting the school remember to park safely and consider our local residents. Thank you.

  • Jennie Smith says:

    Would hate people to think that Norwich Road, Clint Green is a race track! Since the roundabout at Honningham onto the A47 opened, traffic through Yaxham, Clint Green, Mattishall, East Tuddenham and the surrounding areas has increased, especially during morning and evening rush hours. Motorists are taking advantage of access onto the A47 ahead of traffic travelling towards Norwich. We hear on the Yaxham jungle drums that traffic lights could be installed but not sure that this will solve our problem. What we need is for more people to join the speedwatch team. Speedwatch was definitely making a difference, but due to the severe winter the team have not been out in force since last Autumn and drivers seem to be taking advantage of this and speeding through the village again. Can you spare an hour a week to join the speedwatch team? With more people we could send a strong message to speeding motorists. Come on everyone – lets make a difference. If you are short of time, an hour once a month is all you need to offer. Many of the speedwatch team are also doing full time jobs.

  • Ian Martin, Governor says:

    The Friends of Yaxham School (our PTA), the Governors and Staff are trying to reduce the risk of children and parents/carers and residents from being injured or killed by speeding traffic outside the school. We are talking to the County Council about our ideas and actively campaigning for a 20mph speed limit outside the school. Please sign the petition at the school and the village hall. Let us know what you think.

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