Discussion about planning issues in the village and surrounding area.


  • Jackie Cook says:

    Please note following application 15/08/20173PL/2017?1000F change of access at the Old Post Office, Clint Green for 4 cars

  • Richard Warren says:

    A question for all parliamentary candidates. The Communities and Local Government Committee when reviewing the NPPF said that it is not preventing unsustainable development; that it is leading to communities being subject to inappropiate and unwanted housing development. and that it is giving insufficient protection to England’s town centres. In light of this, If elected what would you do to repair this broken and destructive planning process.

  • val pitt says:

    this development to be taken in tandem with dumpling green devp. and the hub of mcdonalds etc on tesco roundabout – they all have 3 things in common – CAPITA (breck council~) pushing for greenfield development, the westfield bridge that needs rebuilding and the pumping/ sewerage pump station proposal for dumpling green.why hasnt this been notified to public?without these latter problems sorted development will be difficultalso:Why is CAPITA a billion £ company advising for greenfield development – what are UKIPs thoughts on this?alsois the breckland rep. on panel on CAPITA payroll if not why arent they here – if the panel member is CAPITA – do they realize that the company has been in last 8 weeks on front page of INDEPENDENT for mal practice?alsowhy does river TUD need enhancing – both developers use this grammar thus they obviously have had meetings as dumpling green/westfield so near each other. The Tud does not need enhancment it HAS Enchantment

  • Frances Needham, Parish Clerk says:

    For more details about the Public Meeting, please click on “Parish Council” on the links above.

  • Frances Needham, Parish Clerk says:

    Please submit comments and questions for the panel here, or you can send them to the Clerk by email or by post. If you would like your question put to a particular person, or to MP or District Council candidates, please state this. Please give your contact details (nb these will be removed before the comments are shown on the web page). There may not be time for all comments and questions to be put during the meeting. By email:, by post: Parish Clerk, Yaxham Parish Council, Park Farm Cottage, Whinburgh, Dereham NR19 1GL

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