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For those of you looking for long-lost neighbours, school friends or old connections with Yaxham village.


  • Pamela Gregson says:

    Hi I am trying to find a girl called Gail of Crown Rd Girls School her father was a pilot at swanton morley same time as my dad who was in computer room Swanton Morley Gail emigrated to Singerpore aprox 1970 1974. unforturnatly I don’t know Gails sirname but the clues in this text may help trace her. she had fell out with a girl called Kim and started being friends with me. contactpam@blueyonder.co.uk.

  • Pamela Gregson says:

    Hi everyone it is a long time since I was on this message list! again I am trying to find anyone I used to be at Crown Rd with in 1971, my teachers were Mrs Clark 1st year Mrs Eastell second year.(she did drama which I loved!) mrs Stocks who moved into a house on stone rd toftwood near me. I went onto sidestrand Hall Cromer in 1973, but did re visit the school a year later. contact me pamelagregson1234@outlook.com

  • Peter Fears says:

    Could someone clarify that a house somewhere in Yaxham was won in a cereal competition in the 1970s?I seem to remember someone telling me about the Weetabix House? Anyone know anything? Thanks

  • gillian spearen says:

    hi there I am 58 years old and was at dereham girls school in 1966-1971, I was in the same class as the twins caroline and merina ollett. gill-kirade@live.co.uk

  • Tracey Cheetham says:

    Hi, I lived in Red House Farm from 1972 to 1978, and went to school in Yaxham, my teacher was Mrs Tryell, I would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me. I miss Norfolk a lot and still get home sick when I come away, so if you remember me say hello x

  • Douglas says:

    Hi my wife lived in Yaxham as a young girl her name was Janet Pummell, Parents are Emily and Oscar, Oscar was a postman! Thay lived in a house called Windy Brae, Paper St. Does anyone know her. that cant tell her whats going on there?

    • Cathryn Osborn-Vergerson says:

      Hi! Wow, you probably won’t get this as it’s over 10 years ago you commented on this but… worth a shot! I live in Windy Brae, although not called that now! We moved here in 2006 and it’s now called Kendle House. We have done huge renovations and an extension to the house, it is crazy to see the before and after pictures, doesn’t even look like the same house. It is my mum and dad, who are in their 50s, and me, I am 19, and also used to be our dog Pippa who passed away Sept 2019, who live here. Oh and a couple of chickens and the deer and the pheasant who all love to visit our garden. It is a little haven here. It feels like we only moved in last year I can’t believe it’s been nearly 15 years. I will tell my mum about your wife and her parents, she will most likely do some research herself as she loves history. Hope you are keeping well in this Coronavirus lockdown.

  • Martha Hurley says:

    Hello, Can anyone tell me about an old manor house that was (and perhaps still is) across the street from the train station? I lived in that house for three months when I was three years old (1954). It was so cold my mother kept us kids dressed in snow suits inside the house. If anyone has or could take a photo I would really enjoy seeing what the house looks like today.

  • Mr Cornish says:

    Hi, I am researching the history of the old Granary in Yaxham.Can anyone provide any information regarding residents or owners/tenants of the Granary prior to its recent conversion into apartments.Thank you.Mr. A Cornish

  • Pamela Gregson says:

    Hi there I like your yaxham website, I now live in Telford Shropshire, I used to live in Toftwood way back in the 1970″s I knew twins marina and Caroline Ollett, I would like to find them again and anyone else who was at Crown Rd Girls School between 1970-73. (Mrs Sharrett was the headmistress) hope this can go on the board thankyou P Gregson.

  • John Andrews says:

    Hi I am looking for a David Mays does anybody know if he still lives in the village.

    • David R Mays says:

      Following a post a year ago (sorry first time I’ve found this site) from a John Andrews….yes I still live in Yaxham. Contact me via email and jog my memory to who you are John….that is if I’m the David you’re trying to trace….cheers

  • Martin Garbutt says:

    I visited Yaxham reguarly in the 1980’s. Stayed at what was then called “Field Cottage” on Cutthroat Lane, Yaxham. Though during my visits the name of the road was often painted out to read Cut Thro Lane. Does anyone know what happened to the cottage, is is still there? Thanks

    • Olly Oechsle says:

      Yes, Field Cottage is still there on Cutthroat lane, now under new ownership and is currently being extended.

      The Cutthroat lane sign was amended a long time ago by one of the lane’s residents who thought “Primrose” lane would sound nicer. He got as far as renaming it to “Cuthrose Lane” before my father saw the alteration and painted it back.

  • Graham Cobbold says:

    I am trying to re-establish contact with the former students of Cliff College 1961-62, Cliff is a Methodist evengelical training college in Derbyshire. An internet search for David Allcock referred me to your village website 2004 when a David Allcock gave a Gospel message at your chapel. If anyone knows David’s contact details could they kindly e-mail me at graham.cobbold@ntlworld.com? Thank you.
    PS Brilliant website! I enjoyed reading it.

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