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  • Beryl Garner says:

    Congratulations to all who look after the flower boxes near the village sign. They are lovely once again.

  • Daniel Bennett says:

    The youth in the village could really benefit from a skate park, I believe this would create a community spirit and help cohesion of younger families

  • Nicola says:

    I am trying to contact the owners of The Coach House Yaxham, the link on the page comes up with error. I wanted to talk to them directly, can anyone help please?

  • Norah says:

    I have joined the new bulk fuel buying scheme that the Village plan group set up. Made my first order on Friday and it was very easy and I estimate that compared to the price offered by the largest supplier I have saved £15 on 600 litres of fuel.Thank you to all of those involved on the community plan for setting this up for the benefit of our village

  • Jennie Smith says:

    On route to Dereham the No.4 bus has stopped at The Lord Nelson in Clint Green for many years, at least 7 to my knowledge. Since change of use, Konect has been told they must not stop to allow passengers to either get on or alight. For the elderly and people living at the Paper Street end of the village, this can mean a long walk from the only bus stop on the corner of Well Hill, especially during inclement weather. Does Yaxham Parish Council have a response to this action?

    • P Chillingworth says:

      Responses to Jennie Smith 3rd Nov 2013:- I had been using the bus stop at The now closed Lord Nelson ,Clint Green ,since 1960.And regularly after i moved into the village some 44 years ago.I expect the bus stopped there even before 1960.In those days it was Eastern Counties service number 13 that ran on this route.I have two old photos of The Lord Nelson and you can see the Eastern Counties time table on the wall.

  • Sharon Cross says:

    I have lived in Norwich Road Clint Green for 23 years but according to 2 of the photos on this site I have been living in Mattishall Road. Apparently, the planning permission for the 2 new houses on the corner of Well Hill was put in under Mattishall Road as well. Surely Breckland Council wouldn’t get it wrong????

  • Jackie Cook says:

    We moved to Yaxham just under two years ago. Soon after there were elections and off to do our duty and vote. Only to find there were other elections going on and we had no idea of these elections. This time it would be really helpful if we had some information on the candidates otherwise we will be unable to vote. many thanks

  • Richard says:

    Could someone tell me if there is a post office shop in Yaxham. I would like to move to the village but need shops locally. Thankyou

    • Jackie Cook says:

      Richard, There are no post offices in Yaxham. The closest is in the neighbouring village of Mattishall which has a few other ammenties within. Dereham is the next one which is a main post office with sorting office. Hope this helps.

  • Roy Hill says:

    Hello people of Yaxham. A friend of mine has a front (or back?) of an old wagon with an engraving on it as follows: W Burroughes, Builder, Yaxham. It also has oak leaves, oak apples, acorns and wheat ears on. Does anyone know any history of ths company or whether there are any descendants

  • Harry says:

    We came to a dance of 60s and 70s music in the Autumn and wondered if this was organised by the committee or an individual club or society. It was excellent and wondered if there are going to be any more through the year.

  • Angela Jones says:

    Why is the Carol Service so early in December???

    • Liz Stallion says:

      Reference the early Carol Service: Unfortunately St Peter’s usual second Sunday of December for the Carol Service had been given to Dereham Lions who had a car boot. They seem to be booking several weekends whilst the Memorial Hall in Dereham is being refurbished. I believe that the second Sunday in Dec 2011 has already been booked for the Carol Service.

  • Hayley says:

    I have lived in yaxham for 10 years now along with my 3 children who attended the village school for a short time. Christmas Eve last year my youngest Bethany (Skipper) was diagnosed with cancer at just 14 years old. She has endured 8 months of chemo and radiotherapy. We are hoping that the treatment has been a success. We are holding a dance at yaxham village hall with live music on 3rd sept at 8pm and every penny raised will be matched by Barclays Bank and will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust. We really would appreciate as much support as possible. Sadly none of us know when this will affect us as 6 children a day are diagnosed with cancer. Tickets are £5 from Hayley 07872 310195 or Taff 07738050517 48 St Peters Close Yaxham

  • Lisa Treacy says:

    Myself, Lisa Treacy, Ted Charles, my partner and my son James Smith all moved to Yaxham 20 months ago and we all have to say what a lovely place it is. James uses the local no. 4 bus to take him to and from work at the NNUH and I would like to say thank you to all the local people who have helped him (James has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair). He has made many new acquaintences since using this bus and waiting at the St Peters Close Bus Stop. Thank you to you all; your help and warmth has helped his confidence no end. I travel to work in Dereham Monday to Friday and I have to say its so good to see the ever vigilant ladies and gentleman doing there bit to help reduce the speeding through our village; well done folks keep up the excellent work. We look forward to many more happy years in the village………….it certainly is a nice friendly place to be.

  • Graham Moates says:

    Oliver Cromwell comes to YaxhamThe Mid-Norfolk Railway is pleased to announce that passenger trains this Sunday (17th May) will be hauled by the iconic steam locomotive 70013 Oliver Cromwell.Oliver Cromwell BR Pacific No. 70013 (also known as Britannia Class) was one of 55 built at the Crewe Works being completed on May 30th 1951. Initially allocated to Norwich depot (32A) the engine remained there until 1963 when it was transferred to Carlisle Kingsmoor TMD. In October 1967 she entered the Crewe Works and became the last BR-owned steam locomotive to undergo routine heavy overhaul. For many years Oliver Cromwell was based at the Bressingham Museum and used for footplate rides until the 1980s. Some 40 years later, in 2008, the prestigious ‘John Coiley’ award for locomotive restoration was awarded for the restoration of Oliver Cromwell by the Heritage Railway Association.Now operating steam tours around the UK, Oliver Cromwell is owned by The National Railway Museum based in York and is part of the National Collection. It is by kind permission of the Railway Touring Company and NRM that the loco will be running on the Mid-Norfolk Railway. Trains leave Yaxham at 10.23, 13.08 & 15.28 for Wymondham. Full details of this rare opportunity can be found on the MNR website (,uk).

  • Mark Ward says:

    Greetings from Yaxham Primary School. We need your help!Following our recent very successful Ofsted and Church of England inspections, we are now looking forward to exploring an exciting and creative whole-school topic called Living In The Countryside. The children and staff are hoping to get to know the village better. We want to learn more about Yaxham’s history, geography, wildlife, churches and community groups. We want to find out about life in the village in the past and in the present and to think about where Yaxham is heading in the future. We will be working on this topic in June and July. We would welcome any ideas and assistance. We hope to go on several walks around the village, visiting places and meeting people. We hope to have guests coming in to school to share with us what they know about Yaxham. We intend to organise a community event in mid-July and to produce a book about Yaxham including writing and pictures by not only the children at this school but by anyone with something to share about Yaxham past and present.Please contact me at the school if you are able and willing to help us in any way. Thank you.

  • Ian ludwell says:

    Hello,just like to say my partner and i had a wonderfull holiday staying in a cottage on the owners land,we turned into a lane facing the parish church gates then left and arrived at Yaxham house..Beautifull part of the country.

  • Jim mortram says:

    Hello all, I live in the village and I am currently working on a documentary photography book. I am avidly seeking volunteers to sit for portraits at their homes and relay memories and stories of their life in the village. Any responses welcomed especially from the senior members of the community as it is their experience of life I seek to record. Many thanks – Jim : )Please reply

  • Clare Packer says:

    Hello Yaxham!We have just moved into Holly Lodge on Norwich Road in Yaxham (the house on the bend near Station Road) next to Willow Farm.We are really excited to have moved from Norwich to Yaxham and were are looking forwad to meeting some of you.We are recently engaged and have chosen Yaxham to put down roots and settle down.We are very sociable and it is important to us to meet some of our neighbours and fellow villagers. Look out for us or if you are passing stop by and say hello.Clare & Charles

  • Kelly says:

    I would like to offer my servises as a babysitter(crb checked and approved, Reference provided upon request), House – keeper/cleaner, Dog Walker and many other duties.Contact

  • Thomas Mccann says:

    Hello from across the pond. I am a member of a train forum here in the U.S.A. where we get several postings from British folks who are members of the forum. A recent posting from a John Hull got me wondering about your fair village so I decided to drop in and say hello. Looking at the pictures on your site and it looks like you guys have a great little town. Have a great day

  • Bill Sibley says:

    Hello all at Yaxham. I have only just discovered this site, although we have been resident in Yaxham for about a year. We moved from Wells-next-the-Sea to retire, and we are revelling in living in a lovely country rural area with excellent bus connections and a steam railway! (occasionally). If you see a balding character with a white moustache, usually accompanied by a small West Highland Terrier – that is me. Please say “Hello”!

  • Peter Smith says:

    We have recently moved into Clint Green from the wilds of Berkshire via Dubai. I was born in Norfolk, but my family moved away when I was quite young. I have very fond memories of visiting my grandmother and the very special sunday treat of Norfolk Dumplings. She used to make them from a bread dough recipe and steam them. These where an absolute delight before the main course and designed to make sure that you did not want too much meat! I have been trying to search for a similar recipe, so that I can try to resurrect my grandmothers tradition. Unfortunately I am unable to locate a yeast based recipe for Norfolk Dumplings. Can anybody help?

  • Nicola Gould/Gant says:

    Hello all in Yaxham. Oh what an achievment it is to have a website all about the village, this is the time of advancement in technology. But what a shame that we forget the “times gone by”I will introduce myself to the people who do not know who I am, my name is Nicola and I’m the daughter of Paddy & Dennis Gant, sadly most of you didnt have the pleasure of meeting my Dad, who was a stalwart to the village and who served the community of Yaxham in a way that we can only call the “Dennis Way”. My Mum, since his death has continued to carry on the good work but probably in the correct manner, and through thick and thin (ill health & disability) has tried to serve the public in the way she knows best.We moved to the village when I was 12, thanks to Max Cheetham senior and his wife Daphne, who introduced my parents to Mr & Mrs Barlow, the owners of what was then the village shop, a few years later my Dad became Sub-Postmaster, when Mrs Isbell had to relinquish her position in the Post Office. Life then was a roller coaster, with hours that were beyond belief, until sadly the supermarket’s took the trade away from villages, then the shop was in decline.But going back to the past, of which I started, it would be nice to hear from the people who can remember the “Good Old Times”. The Burrells, Pummels, Mr & Mrs Burton when they lived in the old pub, before the house,s next to the school were built, Mr Fish, who had 2 houses, so be it , if they were filled with cats, Who was it who lived in the cottage in Spring Lane, another old character, his name I have forgotton. George who lived in the cottage on Cutthroat lane?? Mr & Mrs Roger Hravey who lived in the farm accross from the post office(many a good night spent playing cards) and of course Bill & Doris Chapman, who kept the Lord Nelson, with sons Terry and Christopher, many a night I had spent in there with my best friend Janet, and be told by Bill he would tell Mum & Dad , if I was up to no good !!!!! Mick (Garner) you are doing a good job in your own way, but nothing will compare to the “Good Old Days”Anyway I would love to hear from the people with the old memories of Yaxham, and yes I still travel through occasionally, when I go to see my Mum, and think of the happy time’s I spent in the village.Best wishes to you all.NicolaP.S Who can remember the youth club in the old village hall? (Good memoried for me)

  • anon. a. mous says:

    I would like to see the village show signs of producing things for the future of the village rather than keep living in the past.. I think the village should show more interest in the youth of the village and have more things for them apart from one youth group.. Creating things for them to do reduces the risk of them being bored and causing trouble for the village..

  • Hayley Skipper says:

    I am looking to rent a garage or small building in Yaxham. Please email thank you

  • Olly Oechsle says:

    Variation on the typical pancake recipe:


    * 1 cup all-purpose flour
    * 1/4 teaspoon salt
    * 2 tablespoons sugar
    * 1 cup milk
    * 3 eggs
    * 1 cup heavy cream
    * 2 tablespoons margarine


    1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
    2. In a medium bowl, stir together the flour, salt and sugar. Pour in milk, eggs and cream, and stir into a smooth batter. Meanwhile, melt margarine in a cast iron skillet. Pour the batter over the melted margarine.
    3. Place the skillet in the oven, and bake for 35 minutes. The pancake will rise to form a bubble in the middle. Remove from the oven, and let cool until the pancake sets, or goes down. Cut into pieces, serve with maple syrup and enjoy!

  • David Williams says:

    It’s encouraging to see a small village using modern technology to keep alive the traditions, heritage and community spirit. It’s a interesting web site which I hope will develop and become an useful way of telling people all about country living. I am a professional video, CD and DVD producer with roots in Norfolk. I have a strong interest in heritage subjects and feel it is important to record – visually and orally – as much as possible about the way we live, our traditions and memories of the past. Yaxham clearly shares these sentiments.

    • Liz Stallion says:

      I would like to suggest that we take David William’s idea a bit further. How about having a page which is devoted to stories and pictures about the village as it used to be in years gone by. It could include pictures of people and places together with reminiscences of how life used to be – be it 10 years ago or 100. I would be happy to accept responsibility for such a page if people would like to let me have their pictures/stories, etc.

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