Yaxham Parochial Charities

The charity exists to provide small individual grants to the needy in the Parish of Yaxham. Over several hundred years, small parcels of land and bequests have been made to the Parish. Some have been sold and the money invested. We currently own four pieces of land around the village which are rented out.

Half the rent and income from our investments are then made available as small cash payments small sums of up to £50 to help with emergency family and household expenses. The final decision on recipients lies with the voluntary board of trustees. The other half of our income is paid to Yaxham Parochial Church Council as laid down in the original bequests. Interestingly, one of the requirements of an old charity is that we pay 5p (one shilling) per year for the upkeep of the bell rope at St Peter’s, Yaxham and this payment is still made!

The Charities hold many interesting account and minute books going back to the nineteenth century. Up until the 1960’s for example, the charity paid grants in kind, rather than as cash. Payments were made in the form of two loaves of bread and a bag of coal!

When pieces of land become available for rent, tender notices are put up around the village (at the Village Hall, both bus stops etc).

For more information please email: yaxhamparochialcharities@gmail.com

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