Yaxham Woodlands Group

On the first Saturday of the month the Group meet at Pinns Corner, Norwich Road, from 10.00am to 12 noon, for clearing, tidying and making things, plus a cup of coffee and a marble! Join us and help make a difference to where you live! We hope to see you soon!

All ages are welcome to join us between 10.00 and 12.00 on the first Saturday of each month to have a chat and lend a hand with the activities. Please bring gloves and wellies for little people. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Email: yaxhamwoodlands@gmail.com

Yaxham Woodland Group was set up in 2008 with the hope of obtaining a small piece of woodland in or near the parish to manage, maintain and encourage wildlife. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in this ambition but we continue our work to enhance and preserve public access areas, focused on Pinns Corner, a 0.25 hectare triangular plot of grassland and mixed native trees between Yaxham and Clint Green.

As well as this area, we also work to keep Pinns Lane and other local footpaths clear and passable. Routine tasks of clearing, planting, litter-picking etc. are supplemented with special events such as spoon carving, den building, scything and apple pressing and are regularly accompanied by a bonfire to clear prunings generated.


  • Andy M says:

    sad to see the negative comments about Pinns Corner. The Woodland Group will be at the Community Day and we would love to see anyone who is upset to try and explain the thinking behind the mamagement of that area. Orchids are appearing and there is more botanical diversity, as well and no rat sightings for a couple of years. Plenty more work to be done and volunteers and suggestions always welcome.

  • Secretary says:

    Come and join us for our events over the next few months! 6th November 2010 – Pinns Working Party – 2 years since we started work, it’s time to tidy up and put Pinns to bed for another winter. 10.00am – Noon 4th December 2010 – Will it Snow? – Celebrate Winter with Punch@PINNS, 10.00am Noon, refreshments, demonstrations and a bonfire 5th February 2011 Pinns Working Party 10.00am – Noon6th February 2011 Jack Frost Walk, 2pm leaving from St Peters Church, and returning to the Church for refreshments at 3.30-4.00 pm

  • Secretary says:

    Watch out for our new Diary of Events to be posted shortly!

  • Jennie Smith says:

    The Yaxham Woodland Group would welcome involvement of young people. We meet between 10.00am and 12 noon on the first Saturday of the month. Plenty to do! We are replacing hedgerows, clearing rubbish, planting new trees – all to keep Yaxham looking good for generations to come. Hope you will join us on 2nd April – see Woodland Group page.

  • The Committee says:

    Keep up with our activities and come and join us!Saturday 6th February 2010 � Jack Frost Winter Walk 10.00 a.m. Saturday 24th April – Yaxham WI Car Boot Sale Yaxham Village HallSunday 9th May 2 p.m. Rogation Sunday – Walk the �String of Pearls�.St Peter�s Church, Yaxham with refreshments in the Village HallSaturday 19th June 2010 2 p.m. Open Garden/Open WildSpace EventStart at Yaxham Village Hall and walk around the Village via some lovely gardens and our WildSpaces – Strawberry Teas and Plant StallSaturday 7th August 10.00a.m. Celebrate Summer at PinnsTuesday 14th September 7.30 p.m. AGM Yaxham Village HallSaturday 7th November 10.00 a.m. � Noon at Pinns Corner � Two Year on.PLUS – First Saturday of the month Working Party to meet at Pinns Corner 10.00 a.m. � Noon. All events at Pinns Corner unless otherwise stated.Committee Meeting Dates 10th November 200912th January 20109th March 201011th May 201013th July 201014th September 2010 AGM

  • Sue says:

    PRESS RELEASEYaxham Woodlands Group AGM 2009 – Chairman’s Report – The first AGM of the Yaxham Woodlands Group was held last week. The event was well attended and an address was given by the Chairman, Mr George Crummett. A new committee was elected and two new members joined the Steering Group Avis and Brian Osborne.During the past year meetings have taken place at Pinns Corner on the first Saturday of each month. This proved very successful high attendance with many activities undertaken. The making of the raised bed at the Primary School was a success and the first year children planted acorns last October. The next planting of acorns by this year’s first year Reception Class has taken place at the school. Volunteers from the Group will be working with the School’s Gardening Group on a regular basis to maintain the saplings and acorns.Other activities have included:-tSpoon making-tApple-pressing-tDitch Clearing-tClearing Pinns, Low Lane, Mouses Lane and Pinns Lane-tGreen wood-workingIn addition we organised the Rogation Sunday Village Walk, with some 30 people walking along some of the footpaths in the village. We were wished on our way by Rev Sally Thurgill at St Peters, and ended the walk at the Village Hall with refreshments provided by the ladies. Fund-raising remains a priority. We have been successful with some grant applications and have bought a selection of tools.This year has been a good start and we look forward with anticipation to the year ahead. Our next event is at Pinns Corner, Yaxham at 10.00am on Saturday 7th November for a bonfire, demonstrations of crafts and a pumpkin carving and scarecrow competition. Refreshments will be provided.

  • Andy says:

    You can now follow the activities of the group on our Facebook page. Search under “Yaxham Woodlands Group” or alternatively email us for access.

  • YWG says:

    Welcome to our new Message Board, all comments welcome – but please keep them clean and constructive!!!!!

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