Local Foxes Concerned by Tory Election Pledge

June 3, 2017 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Foxes around Yaxham are growing increasingly concerned by the Conservative manifesto pledge offering a free vote on repealing the fox hunting ban.

The move could see the return of fox hunting throughout Norfolk, a development which would face considerable opposition from local fox groups.

“We thought the matter was settled,” complained local fox Steve Brush, “Although we settled here some years ago, we’ve really struggled to integrate into the community, and things like this just make the situation worse.”

Despite some progress in recent years, foxes still face significant prejudice from locals, with younger foxes often getting into escalating tit-for-tat disagreements with other residents.

Some locals are strong supporters of the pledge.

“Bring back fox hunting? I’m all for it!” crowed local chicken Diana Saunders, “I’m definitely voting Tory next Thursday, despite all that business about the salmonella.”

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