Upload Parish Council Minutes

To add minutes to the site, please be aware of the following.

Minutes are automatically displayed on the Parish Council Minutes page.

To have them appear automatically, you must do the following:

  • Before uploading Name the file you’re about to upload in the following way.
    • For parish council minutes: yyyy-mm-dd-pc-minutes.pdf 
      For example, for minutes dated 15th September 2017, the file would be 2017-09-15-pc-minutes.pdf
    • For other documents follow the same format, putting the date at the beginning: yyyy-mm-dd-chairmans-statement.pdf
    • Putting the dates in this way allows the minutes (and other documents) to be ordered in descending order.
  • Upload the minutes as you would any other media (see here for details)
  • Ensure the minutes are tagged under “Parish Council Minutes” by selecting the tickbox on the right hand side as you upload.