Parish Council Meetings

Meetings are held at monthly with the exception of August and December when a meeting will not take place.

Meetings are held in the David Myhill Room at the back of the Village Hall in Jubilee Park, Yaxham. Any member of the public is welcome to come along and hear discussion about current issues or you may speak about any parish matter during the public session that is held at the beginning of each meeting.
The public and press are always very welcome to attend each meeting of the Parish Council.
In May every year the Annual Parish Meeting is held.  All parishioners are invited to attend.  This is your Meeting at which you may ask the Parish Council to arrange for a speaker on a particular subject of interest to the village, discuss matters that concern you and hear what your Council has achieved during the past year.
If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like a matter discussed, please contact the Parish Clerk at least 7 days prior to the advertised date for the meeting with the details.
In the event that a meeting is cancelled, notices will be placed on the Parish Council noticeboards and the Yaxham website on the Sunday prior to the scheduled meeting.