Parish Council Members

On 2nd May 2019 the 7 members of the new parish council were elected - including 5 new faces: Anthony Cheetham, Chris Couves, Bob Gust, Maggie Oechsle and Richard Whadcoat.  If you are interested in having an issue placed on the Council's agenda for the next meeting, or would simply like to know more about who is representing Yaxham's interests, you can find the councillors' contact details below.

Contact Information:

Ian Martin (Chairman)
Yaxham House, Norwich Road, Yaxham NR19 1RH
01362 854248

Maggie Oechsle (Vice-Chairman)
Frogs Hall Farm, Cutthroat Lane, Yaxham NR19 1RG
01362 693646
Anthony Cheetham
Gadwell Farm, Spring Lane, Clint Green, Yaxham NR19 1SA
07917 418874
Chris Couves
12 Priors Grove, Yaxham NR19 4SL
01362 422515

Bob Gust
The Cottage, Cutthroat Lane, Clint Green, Yaxham NR19 1RZ
01362 691659

Peter Lowings
Pinebanks, Station Road, Yaxham NR19 1RB
01362 690290/690001

Richard Whadcoat
Mukinge, Well Hill, Clint Green, Yaxham NR19 1RX
07780 972206