If you are interested in having an issue placed on the Council's agenda for the next meeting, or would simply like to know more about who is representing Yaxham's interests, you can find the councillors' contact details here.

Contact Information

vacancy following David Myhill's resignation

Peter Bennett
White House Farm, Clint Green, Yaxham
01362 692820

George Crummett, Vice-Chairman
Church Cottage, Church Lane, Yaxham
01362 692845

Pablo Dimoglou
Yaxham Waters Dereham Road, Yaxham
01362 696750

Steve Goldsmith
25 St Peters Close, Yaxham NR19 1RN

Peter Lowings (Chairman)
Pinebanks, Station Road, Yaxham
01362 690290/690001

John Harvey
Hill Farm, Yaxham,
01362 696240