A Bit of Background - Yaxham Neighbourhood Plan

What is it? What could it do?

A Neighbourhood Plan will give our community direct power to create a shared vision for future development in Yaxham. Since 1987 there have been about 150 planning applications in Yaxham for varying numbers of dwellings. In 2001 there were 290 households and now some 340 – 60 new homes in 14 years.

The Breckland Local Plan is likely to propose a further 140 additional dwellings for our village. Without having a Neighbourhood Plan we can continue to object individually, but once any are accepted by Breckland Council we have little to no say over them. Alternatively, by having a Neighbourhood Plan we can guide where new homes are built and what these buildings should look like, or by saying what other facilities we as a village would like developers to provide or contribute to.

Neighbourhood Plans focus on influencing development rather than stopping it altogether. The NP needs the positive involvement of all aspects of our local community to work, including the Parish Council. Once such a plan is made and adopted it carries equal weight to the Breckland Local Plan when planning applications are considered.

A Yaxham Neighbourhood Plan should unite our goals, backed by research so that we can tailor future development to fit into our community.

The Community Led Plan of 2013 has brought our village:

  • A Community Car Scheme
  • A Community Bulk Oil Buying Scheme
  • A speed awareness sign
  • The 20 mph signs near the school that will soon be in place
  • A Table Tennis Club and equipment

All of the above has been achieved by the whole of our community getting together and expressing their views. The Neighbourhood Plan is the next stage; the opportunity to unite our views so that together we can tailor future development to fit within our village.