Warmth Comfort and Privacy
Spacious and completely individual brick-built kennels with view to gardens, trees and fields. Armchairs and/or settees in each apartment with rugs on quarry tiled floors. A cavity-walled adjoining bedroom with vinyl flooring, individual heating and night lights.

Unique exercise facilities
Exercise is essential for any dog's health and wellbeing so there are two full fenced grass paddocks, one of over an acre, the other smaller field about ½ acre. Dogs can run freely off-the-lead or follow the paths as they do when walking beside their owner. All dogs go out at least twice a day.

A Home from Home for your dog.
Frogs Hall provides a holiday home for the family dog. Many other kennels consist of a central corridor with inward facing rooms, the dogs face each other which can be very intimidating. All our kennels face outwards from a central courtyard, giving dogs individual privacy as they look outwards rather than at their companions. Each kennel is a separate quarry-tiled unit and has a cosy armchair. Some apartments are very spacious (12' by 12') with settees to accommodate larger dogs or 2+ dogs from the same family.

Contact Information

Frogs Hall Kennels

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