Yaxham Footpaths

Yaxham FP1

Near the corner of Cutthroat lane, runs up to the river Tudd. (217m)

Yaxham FP 2

From Clint Green to Cutthroat Lane. (715m)

Yaxham FP3

Connects to FP4, between Mill Lane and Norwich Road. (239m)

Yaxham FP4

From the Village Hall, along Jubilee park to Mill Lane (593m)

Yaxham FP 5

From Norwich Road to Whinburgh Road (237m)

Yaxham RB9

640m long, from Pinn's corner to Stone Road. (640m)

Yaxham RB8

Joins Spring Lane and Cutthroat Lane (422m)

Yaxham FP7

From the Junction of Well Hill / Stone Road (483m)