Yaxham Evangelical Congregational Church, situated on the main road in Clint Green, was opened in 1875 as a branch of the Congregational Church at Mattishall. We became known as the Evangelical Congregational Church in 1973 when we decided not to unite with the Presbyterian Church (to form the United Reform Church) as we were afraid, being a small church, we might be closed down. We felt it was God's will to maintain a witness in Clint Green and to date it is so.

We are able to obtain the services of lay-preachers, as we have no minister, and every Sunday evening enjoy a Gospel service at 6.30pm.

Sunday School is every Sunday morning at 11.00am except for the summer holidays. We also have a fellowship meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm. We welcome anyone who cares to join us at any of these services.

13th August 2017

 SUNDAY SCHOOL closed until after summer holidays.

Many thanks to all who supported the children at the anniversary services.

All Welcome

Fun hour to learn more about Jesus

For more information contact Carole on 696846


13th August 2017

Mr Martin Boyce


We are praying for Heather and David Jack as her cancer affects the life of their family. Thank you Lord for giving them your peace and strength.We also give you thanks for the faith of Nancy (Sheila's friend in N. Ireland) as she continues to face cancer.  We give thanks that Helen's next operation has gone well. Thank you Lord.We pray for the all Garner family , especially Vera and Keith as Ernie has gone to join his brothers and sisters in a better place.We pray for the family of Madge Meachen who has passed away. We pray for David and Jan as his tumour has grown and treatment has had to be changed and he has had another small stroke and for his radiotherapy treatment, and for Tony who has returned home after a spell in hospital with a chest infection. and give thanks Michael Tilney is home from hospital.We pray for Ellen after the loss of her brother JimmyWe are praying for Harriet Grant and her Mum Jane after their cancer operations.. We Give  thanks scans show Barbara Greengrass is clear.We remember,  Sheila,  Sheila and Derek, Barbara,  Peggy, Ruby, Glenn Fox  and Linda and Ian Masson and for those who we know have recently lost loved ones. We pray for Chris Lambert paralysed after a riding accident and give thanks he is improving slowly. Pray he will be able to continue his recovery without the close support..





15th August 2017

Closed for August




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