19th March 2014

As a result of the Community Led Plan, a number of residents have expressed an interest in a Community Car Scheme in Yaxham.  This is a scheme where residents who have difficulty getting to medical appointments can be taken by volunteer drivers. There is NO age barrier, so young families who have difficulty would be included as well as the elderly.  The scheme would be for residents within the Parish.

Whilst this is for medical appointments, it is possible that some social needs could also be covered e.g. visiting sick relatives. This would NOT cover shopping trips and the like.

We are pleased to report after some delay awaiting decisions on funding, that we are now in a position to look at the possibility of moving this forward. The next step is to hold a meeting with those people that have expressed an interest and agree how we can progress in a hopefully positive fashion.

We have booked the small meeting room at the rear of the Village Hall for Wednesday March 19th at 19.30 for us to meet and discuss the detail of scheme and hopefully as a result agree that we can set up an effective service for the Community.

We hope that you will be able to make this important meeting, but if you would like assistance to get to this meeting please let Peter Smith know on 01362 696555.  If you are unable to make the meeting but wish to be involved, you can call or email Peter ( and he will make sure that you are kept informed.

We look forward to meeting with you and to our achieving another positive action for our community 


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9th March 2014

                                                                                           On Sunday March 9th The Woodland Group and CLP will be organising another Village Walk and combining this with a Litter Pick. Meeting at St Peters at 14.00 and returning at about 15.30 for tea and cakes

As a result of the Community Led Plan, some 40 people expressed an interest in joining in such an event

Let's hope to see all 40 plus more for a fun forage!


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27th February 2014


The first planning meeting of the group takes place on Thursday 27th at 09.30 at the Mill Cafe Bar & Restaurant. If you would like to help, come along and find out more



26th March 2014

If you are needing to top up your heating fuel, NOW is the time to take advantage of the rates available with our bulk fuel buying scheme

Membership is FREE


If you haven’t yet enrolled onto the scheme, information and an application form can be found by clicking, adding ‘Yaxham’ as the community scheme name on the registration form.




21st March 2014

Check your oil and order by the end of the month to take advantage of the fantastic rates available from our membership of the Largest Bulk Fuel Buying Scheme in Norfolk

If you haven’t yet enrolled onto the scheme, information and an application form can be found by clicking, adding ‘Yaxham’ as the community scheme name on the registration form.



12th October 2013

“Your Yaxham” Community Led Plan – Report & “Community Day” 12th October

The “Your Yaxham” Report is now finished and ready – at long last.  We havw put the Report on the website – see the right had side of this page - and delivering hard copies to those who asked for their own copy and provided an address.

We have presented the main findings to the Parish Council and will be sending copies to Yaxham’s other elected representatives including Cllr Cliff Jordan and George Freeman MP.

Because of the huge interest in various ideas in the questionnaire, completed by 75% of the village, we are organising a “Community Day” at the Village Hall on Saturday 12th October, from 10am-2pm.  Community organisations will be there, and new groups such as a Home Heating Oil bulk buying group to get lower oil prices for villagers, community car scheme to help villagers get hospital or doctors, help with computing, a new cycling group... come along and see for yourself.

For more information contact: Trudy Gust, The Cottage, Cutthroat Lane T: 01362 691659


See you at the “Community Day” 12th October, 10am-2pm, at the Village Hall

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NP4Yaxham "Tell us what you want" from the Parish Action Points

Celebrate at the Christmas Community Craft Fayre

Plus 40 Years of YVAA & Our Community

Tel 01362 696805 or 

Yaxham Neighbourhood Plan @Faceboodk


Keep a note in your diary!

Sunday June 7th 2015

The BIG LUNCH is coming to Yaxham

A Fun day for everyone

Join the team to help organise this great community day contact Peter Smith 01362 696555


The Big Lunch - an Eden Project


1977 was an eventful year – The Sex Pistols and punk rock hit the headlines, Red Rum won his third Grand National, Liverpool won the football league and the main event in the year was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations. Inflation was around 16% and it was not a good time to die in London, when undertakers went on strike!

 In Yaxham, David Myhill & Peter Bennett were Chair and vice Chair of the Amenities Association. Now after an amazing 37 years in the roles, they have understandably asked to be relieved of their duties.

It is impossible to put into words the enormous debt that the village owes to these two gentlemen, without their dedication and commitment we would not have one of the best community facilities in Norfolk.

Bob Gust and I have agreed to take the reins from Peter & David respectively. It will be a very tough act to follow and we will both need to get up to speed on the various aspects of charity responsibilities and specifics concerning Yaxham Jubilee Hall and Recreation Area. There is a lot to take on board, so we hope that you will be patient with us.

As a little background to myself, I was born in Norfolk but spent most of my career in international advertising in London, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In 2006 myself and my wife Jennie returned from Dubai and moved back to my roots in Norfolk and Clint Green became our new home. I spent a few years helping the Norfolk RCC, which is a charity that supports rural communities. During that time, I worked with a number of villages helping with a wide range of issues, from Post Offices and shops, community consultation and importantly Village Halls. I am currently chair of the Your Yaxham Community Led Plan and have a passion for all things that make for a stronger inclusive society.

The Community Plan gave us a mass of information and where appropriate, we will be using this.

David and Peter are remaining as trustees, on the committee, which will allow us to maintain continuity and Bob and I are really grateful for their ongoing support. Indeed as a measure of this, David has asked me to remind everyone of the Village Quiz, which this year will take place on July 2nd. Why not enter a team? It would be great if every association/group is able to put forward a team, or get together with some of your neighbours and challenge for the title of Yaxham’s Masterminds 2014! Give David a call on 692593.

I would like to finish with some words from Winston Churchill, which seem appropriate when thinking of David & Peter’s contribution to our Village:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Peter Smith


At a meeting of some of the interested parties, held at the Village Hall last week, it was agreed to set up a Community Car Scheme

Although funding is tighter than we would have liked, it was agreed that on the basis of a gradual uptake of the service, we will hopefully be able to run a subsidised service for the community

We are now working on various logistics that will take a little time to sort out eg Bank Account, Constitution, Driver registration, Scheme co-ordination. Once all of these are finalised  we will be in a position to get started.

In the meantime, if you are in urgent need for help to get to a medical appointment, call Peter Smith 01362696555 and we will try and see if we can arrange some support.



A number of responses in the Community Led Plan were from people looking for the opportunity to have an allotment space. Apart from some encumbered land in Paper Street, the Parish Council has so far not found any suitable options for the demand.

The CLP steering group has been on the look out for alternative options and whilst it does not fulfill the idea of a community growing project, available allotment space has been found that may satisfy the needs of some villagers.

If you are interested in taking up a plot or maybe would rather start with a half plot, give Peter Smith a call  696555 and he will point your garden fork in the right direction!



A group of villagers took advantage of the wonderful weather on Sunday 9th March and got together for a walk and litter pick.

The event was organised by The Woodland Group and came about as a result of findings from the Community Led Plan, where a number of villagers expressed an interest in conducting a litter pick to help keep our village tidy.

A group of some 20 or so of all ages met at St Peters and set off around the Parish. A great afternoon was had by all tidying up after the less community minded citizens of Norfolk

Sady at the end of day some loutish motorists kindly scattered their detritus from their culinary exploits at a fast food outlet en route between Pinns and Clint Green. Another half a sack of rubbish had to be collected thanks to these selfish idiots.

It seems a shame that there is a need to organise such events, but it has to be said it was a fun example of community spirit

Some of the Litter Pickers




The opportunity has arisen for the village to acquire a mobile 'your speed is sign' in conjunction with Garvestone.

When this was raised by the Parish Clerk, the CLP Team reminded the Parish Councillors that this was one of the main items mentioned by the community as being in need of urgent attention. Over 70% raised the need for action to reduce speeding in the village.

The Community Plan was used as an important part of the evidence to receive funding from the County Council to purchase this equipment.

The application, prepared by The Parish Clerk, for funds has proved successful so another step forward will be achieved



Following on from the first concerted action by the mainly school parent's group to get a 20mph limit outside the School, we are advised that subject to written confirmation, Yaxham is now on the list of schools to be included in the proposed 20mph scheme.

This is the first positive step, the group now plans to ensure the list becomes reality 

Watch out for more from this determined team



Following the announcement by the County Council to drop plans for a statutory speed limit of 20mph outside Norfolk’s Schools, a group of parents and residents from Yaxham met this morning to consider action to reverse the decision.

The group has been formed as a result of findings from The Yaxham Community Led Plan and following a meeting with the local MP George Freeman, who has given his support

Peter Smith chair of the steering group for the plan said that ‘Speed limits outside the school is a major issue raised by local residents and we have to address this before there is an incident that we all regret’

Mrs Racheal Higgins who has been campaigning for speed reduction outside the school for some 6years is leading the local ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ group, said ‘We are all horrified that the County Council has made this pronouncement. As a rough calculation, the savings made from this decision places a price of less than £100 on the life of a child in Norfolk’ ‘We have to fight this and we call on other schools and the parents of pupils in Norfolk to join us to reverse this perverse action’

The group is planning a series of actions over the coming months to highlight the need for a change. 

Other groups wishing to join Yaxham in this campaign can contact Racheal or Peter on


Following on from our meeting with George Freeman, we are setting up a working party with the objective to get speed limits reduced outside of not only Yaxham School, but ALL Norfolk's Schools

The group will comprise of parents, staff and community members, working towards a launch to the media supported by George Freeman MP.

If you feel that you can contribute feel free to make contact Peter Smith 01362 696555



Last Friday 31st Jan, some members of the CLP Steering group together with the School Head met with our MP, George Freeman to discuss some items that have come out from the community consultation. This meeting was called at the request of Mr Freeman, who is a strong supporter of 'localism' and kindly offered his help. Yaxham Primary School generously hosted this event which included an excellent presentation from the School Council regarding speed limits outside the school.

Other issues covered were:

The need for a footpath/ cycleway from Cutthroat Lane to Dereham

'Pinch Points' to slow traffic entering both Yaxham & Clint Green

Local Housing need

The effect on democracy by Breckland's imposition of charging for local elections

Withholding of the Localised Council Tax Support scheme from Parish Councils by Breckland despite Central Government direction

The meeting was very positive and these matters will be moving forward. They will not be resolved 'overnight' but we are being given both encouragement and support, which is very important.

This is one of many actions that the steering group is taking up on behalf of the Village as a result of the consultation.

If you do not have a copy of the plan, you can download it from this site or alternatively, call Peter Smith on 696555 to organise a hard copy



Steering Group

To get matters rolling there was a public meeting on 25th May 2011 at the village hall and from this a steering group was formed. That steering group met on 27th July 2011, agreed the officers and the basics for getting the plan underway.

The Steering Group includes: Ann Futter, Trudy Gust, Sue Lake, Ian Martin, Margaret Peters, Paul Phillips, Jennie Smith, Peter Smith, Claire Sullivan, Sally Thurgill, David Stallion

The officers/responsibilities were agreed as:

Chairman Peter Smith
Secretary Trudy Gust
Publicity Sally Thurgill
Website Ian Martin

For more information see or email or contact the Secretary,

Trudy Gust, The Cottage, Cutthroat Lane T: 01362 691659

  • Community Led Plan 2013 (High Def) Part 1 of 2The report is now available to down load as a PDF. This file is the first half of the report. To open the file please move your cursor to the underlined title of this section. Once opened then save it to your computer in the normal way.
  • Community Led Plan 2013 (High Def) Part 2 of 2The report is now available to down load as a PDF. This file is the second half of the report. To open the file please move your cursor to the underlined title of this section. Once opened then save it to your computer in the normal way.