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Pamela Gregson
2nd April 2015
Hi I am trying to find a girl called Gail of Crown Rd Girls School her father was a pilot at swanton morley same time as my dad who was in computer room Swanton Morley Gail emigrated to Singerpore aprox 1970 1974. unforturnatly I don't know Gails sirname but the clues in this text may help trace her. she had fell out with a girl called Kim and started being friends with me. contactpam@blueyonder.co.uk.
Pamela Gregson
25th October 2014
Hi everyone it is a long time since I was on this message list! again I am trying to find anyone I used to be at Crown Rd with in 1971, my teachers were Mrs Clark 1st year Mrs Eastell second year.(she did drama which I loved!) mrs Stocks who moved into a house on stone rd toftwood near me. I went onto sidestrand Hall Cromer in 1973, but did re visit the school a year later. contact me pamelagregson1234@outlook.com
gillian spearen
10th May 2014
hi there I am 58 years old and was at dereham girls school in 1966- 1971, I was in the same class as the twins caroline and merina ollett. gill-kirade@live.co.uk
19th July 2012
We wonder when theres going to be another 60/70s music dance at the village hall. aliceandharry@talktalk.net
Phil Cottam
5th January 2012
Hello I am trying to locate a long lost friend Gordon Burrells he used to work on a farm in Shipdham for a Mrs Malt, I was a milking machine fitter from Ellesmere Shropshire and stayed in The George Hotel in Dereham back in 1975. My email philcottam@hotmail.co.uk
Gordon & Rachael Eagling
12th June 2011
We moved into the village late last year, and love being here, my only little grumble is we don't know enough about events that are run in the village. what are we missing to find about about these.
Tracey Cheetham
6th March 2011
Hi, I lived in Red House Farm from 1972 to 1978, and went to school in Yaxham, my teacher was Mrs Tryell, I would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me. I miss Norfolk a lot and still get home sick when I come away, so if you remember me say hello x
Lisa Treacy
15th May 2010
Myself, Lisa Treacy, Ted Charles, my partner and my son James Smith all moved to Yaxham 20 months ago and we all have to say what a lovely place it is. James uses the local no. 4 bus to take him to and from work at the NNUH and I would like to say thank you to all the local people who have helped him (James has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair). He has made many new acquaintences since using this bus and waiting at the St Peters Close Bus Stop. Thank you to you all; your help and warmth has helped his confidence no end. I travel to work in Dereham Monday to Friday and I have to say its so good to see the ever vigilant ladies and gentleman doing there bit to help reduce the speeding through our village; well done folks keep up the excellent work. We look forward to many more happy years in the village.............it certainly is a nice friendly place to be.
Gary Hughes
23rd August 2009
Hello, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who attended the ballroom and sequence dance, last Saturday the 15th August, who all made us feel so welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you all and to dance with some of you. You have a wonderful village hall and facilities, in fact our local ballroom could do with your air conditioning! It could not have been a better start to our week in Norfolk which was wonderful throughout. We plan to come again next summer, so if you let me know what dates the dances are in 2010 we might be able to plan our holiday around it! Thank you again to you all, but especially to the lady who rang me back about the dance before we left Yorkshire and the lady and gentleman who ran the event. Thank you all. Gary, Christine, Fern and Holly Hughes & Maurice and Madge Legood.
Ian ludwell
19th January 2009
Hello,just like to say my partner and i had a wonderfull holiday staying in a cottage on the owners land,we turned into a lane facing the parish church gates then left and arrived at Yaxham house..Beautifull part of the country.
Jim mortram
8th January 2009
Hello all, I live in the village and I am currently working on a documentary photography book. I am avidly seeking volunteers to sit for portraits at their homes and relay memories and stories of their life in the village. Any responses welcomed especially from the senior members of the community as it is their experience of life I seek to record. Many thanks - Jim : ) Please reply to james.mortram@googlemail.com
Mr Cornish
18th December 2008
Hi, I am researching the history of the old Granary in Yaxham. Can anyone provide any information regarding residents or owners/tenants of the Granary prior to its recent conversion into apartments. Thank you. Mr. A Cornish
Pamela Gregson
7th October 2008
Hi there I like your yaxham website, I now live in Telford Shropshire, I used to live in Toftwood way back in the 1970"s I knew twins marina and Caroline Ollett, I would like to find them again and anyone else who was at Crown Rd Girls School between 1970-73. (Mrs Sharrett was the headmistress) hope this can go on the board thankyou P Gregson.
Thomas Mccann
11th April 2008
Hello from across the pond. I am a member of a train forum here in the U.S.A. where we get several postings from British folks who are members of the forum. A recent posting from a John Hull got me wondering about your fair village so I decided to drop in and say hello. Looking at the pictures on your site and it looks like you guys have a great little town. Have a great day
M. Dwyer
4th July 2007
Hello Yaxham. William James Flowerdew died on August 28, 1984. He lived at 19 St. Peter's Close in Yaxham and was a retired railway porter. He was the uncle of Bettina Mary Middleton of Yaxham. William was my father's second cousin. William was born in the village of Field Dalling, near Holt on February 6, 1898. His father was William James Flowerdew, Sr., a bricklayer's labourer. The father died before William was born - The parish register for the baptism at Field Dalling includes the note: "father died suddenly at Sharington last summer." William's mother was Ann Middleton Green, the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Middleton and Robert Green. Mary Elizabeth Middleton, William's grandmother was born at Saxlingham, Norfolk, one of 11 children of Charles Middleton and Mary Smith. Mary Elizabeth Middleton was the sister of Edward Middleton who emigrated to America in 1880. He was my great grandfather. I would love to make contact with any of William Flowerdew's family living at Yaxham. my email address is mdwyer@dnsnyc.com Thank you Michael Dwyer, New York USA
Olly Oechsle
18th March 2006
Yes, Field Cottage is still there on Cutthroat lane, now under new ownership and is currently being extended.

The Cutthroat lane sign was amended a long time ago by one of the lane's residents who thought "Primrose" lane would sound nicer. He got as far as renaming it to "Cuthrose Lane" before my father saw the alteration and painted it back.
Martin Garbutt
4th February 2006
I visited Yaxham reguarly in the 1980's. Stayed at what was then called "Field Cottage" on Cutthroat Lane, Yaxham. Though during my visits the name of the road was often painted out to read Cut Thro Lane. Does anyone know what happened to the cottage, is is still there? Thanks
Josie Davidson
9th March 2005
I recently visited Yaxham to trace my godmothers roots.
She was Beryl Pratt "nee Last" and her family were millers at Yaxham, her sister Freda Last was I believe the last in the family at the mill, I presume she must now be dead, I combed the churchyard but could not find their headstones, could anyone help please.
Is Freda Last still alive and if so where is she ?
Regards to all in Yaxham
Josie Davidson